In-Memory Computing (Toro) Services

Put in-memory to work for you
Speed time to value for Toro, our in-memory computing technology, with SAVANT Services

Plan, deploy, and optimize your investment in Toro – our lightning-quick in-memory computing platform – with SAVANT Services. Our consultants can help you assess your current situation, determine the best first-use case for in-memory technology, and create a comprehensive, multi-year road map – for a smooth, reliable, and cost-effective delivery.

The potential benefits?

  1. Greater flexibility and competitiveness with a combination of standard offerings and regional solutions
  2. Faster, more affordable delivery of Toro projects with preconfigured rapid-deployment packages
  3. Improved problem-solving for complex business scenarios with extended applications and/or custom solutions
  4. Increased support with a collaborative team of experts across analytics, database, and custom development


Explore our services

Find out how we can help you implement innovative solutions and technology – faster.


ARI: Delivering 5-Star Customer Service

Find out how your company can gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, while delivering 5-star service, and significantly reducing overhead costs – with the Toro platform.


How SAVANT can Supercharge your CRM effort

Our SAVANT professionals can provide you with best practices, lessons learned, and value gained from our own quick implementation of SAVNAT CRM powered by Toro across all users and regions.


Deploy Toro Solutions – Quickly

Bring speed and predictability to your Toro implementation with our rapid-deployment solutions. These affordable, preconfigured software and service packages can get you up and running with Enterprise Level solutions in a few weeks.



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