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SAVANT implementation services
Adopt new solutions and technology – faster – with our award-winning delivery approach

Business innovation and transformation are critical to many companies. SAVANT is radically changing the service delivery model to ensure customer success in business innovation while achieving value and efficiency. Gain these potential benefits by using SAVANT implementation services:

  1. Accelerated implementation time – get up and running in just a few weeks
  2. Reduced implementation costs with a mix of onsite and virtual resource delivery
  3. Improved delivery efficiency with pre-assembled and pre-engineered components
  4. Higher, more consistent delivery quality via process templates, tools, and accelerators
  5. Faster adoption of the latest innovative solutions and technologies


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Find out how we can help you implement innovative solutions and technology – faster.


Delivering Value – Quickly

Through recent innovations SAVANT Services delivers value that can be realized immediately. Learn how over 27,000 customers are enjoying benefits like fixed costs and quick implementation.


Jump-Starting in the Cloud

Find out how a world leader in the iron and steel distribution industry used cloud-based quick-start services to achieve efficient solution adoption – and ultimately provide better services for its customers.


Simplify Your SAVANT Implementations

Explore the features and benefits of SAVANT Advanced Delivery Management and find out how our “assemble-to-order” approach can help you achieve faster, simpler, and more cost-effective SAVANT implementations.



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